Human Resources

Dynamic and innovative people fuel GWC’s success. Over its history, the HR division witnessed dramatic changes and growth – initially managing a group of a few dozens, to over 4,000 employees by 2022.


Maintaining a uniform standard of skills throughout the organization is crucial to GWC. The learning and development department achieves over four hundred training programs every year, including soft skills, safety, and technical training.


The HR division initiates various employee engagement and welfare activities to promote interpersonal relationship and professional competencies development.


The division succeeds in promoting a culture of work-life balance to improve social coherence among employees by providing employee engagement throughout the year, among them a unique outbound team building activity called the “Talent Bazaar” open to various departments in GWC; the company Iftar during the Holy Month of Ramadan wherein employees from all levels participate; and the Annual GWC Sports League inter-departmental sports competition.


The employees’ safety and well-being are GWC’s number one priority, therefore we extend to all employees the “Wellness Camp” campaign offering a basic health checkup through partnerships with local clinics in Doha. Moreover, World Safety Day awareness campaign was conducted using street theatre and safety competition across GWC.