Privacy Policy

Effective April 1, 2022

By accessing, using, or submitting any information to our Websites or any applications or tools therein located, you consent to the collection and processing of personal data as described below, including our use of cookies.


Gulf Warehousing Company Q.P.S.C., having its head office at92, D-Ring Road, Doha – Qatar, and its subsidiaries (“Gulf Warehousing Company”, “GWC”, “we”, “us” or “our”), respect your preferences concerning the collection and use of your personal data.


This policy reflects our current data protection policies and practices and describes how we collect personal data when you access or use GWC websites on which this policy appears (the “Websites”) and how we use such personal data (hereinafter, the “Policy”).


This Policy applies to all jurisdictions in which GWC operates.  Certain regions, countries, and/or individual states may have additional requirements, which are detailed, by jurisdiction, below.  We also encourage you to review our table of contents, above, which identifies the portions of this Policy that apply to specific locations.


GWC is the primary controller of personal data collected through the Websites.  This Policy, except as provided below, applies only to the personal data that we collect online, from users of our Websites.

We reserve the right to update it from time to time, in which case the new version will posted on the Website on which it appears.


“Personal data” is information that identifies you personally as a natural person, directly or indirectly, in combination with other information available to us such as an identification number, location data, online identifier or one or more factors specific to your identity as a natural person. For the purposes detailed herein, GWC may collect and process the following categories of personal data:


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Log data

This information often consists of network routing (location from which you access the website), equipment information (browser type), date, and time.

IP Addresses

We collect IP addresses and domain name information. An IP address is a number that is automatically assigned to a computer whenever it is connected to the Internet.

User and Third Party Identifiable Information

We collect personal data from users of the Websites, through registration screens, online forms, from online sales inquiries, or in e-mails that users send to GWC. We may also collect personal data relating to individuals involved in a shipment or service requested by the User of the Website. Personal data may include name, title, company, address, phone number, e-mail address, and the like.


Cookies are unique identifiers that we share with your device to enable our system to recognize your computer and preferences on return visits to our Websites, which facilitate log in or other site navigation procedures. Cookies on the Websites may collect the following information: a unique identifier, user preferences and profile information.

Pixel Technologies

We may also use embedded pixel technologies to help track Website usage. The Website usage information collected by these technologies is associated with cookies and may provide personal data (as defined above) about your Website use if you are a registered user of the Website.

Financial information

For the purposes detailed hereinafter, GWC may be required to collect and process financial information such as payment information.

GWC also collects and processes personal data it did not collect from you. This is the case where GWC receives personal data from your device as part of the electronic communication itself – the standard electronic greeting between your computer, the network, and our servers. At this time, our server will also query your computer to see if there are “cookies” previously set by our Websites to facilitate log in or other site navigation procedures.


Our Websites may contain applications that allow you to book shipments, in which case you need to provide us with third-party personal data required to arrange for such shipment. In such case, you represent and warrant to GWC that you have obtained all necessary third-party consents for the processing of such personal data contemplated by the shipment.