Corporate Information Technology

The Corporate Information Technology (IT) division embarked on a digital transformation strategy across all systems at GWC – those supporting the business departments as well as those accessed by the company’s clients.


The division reviews all the policies and procedures for to remain aligned with the Company’s new business requirements. Among the new procedures implemented was the development of the new in-house center of excellence for the corporate applications, who proposes major cost-saving measures for the Company by harbouring maintenance and development in-house.


When it came to business support, the division has provided the backbone for a variety of department’s operations. Corporate IT programs have been essential for the operations of Records Management, ensuring the information security compliance of their services for clients in the banking and healthcare industries, among others. The division also provided various automation tools to further optimize the operations of our business units, like the customer relationship management (CRM) software that manages all client interactions from lead’s interest to quotes; integration of our order and warehouse management systems (OMS and WMS) with the clients’ systems, as well as a real-time back-end integration for the client’s e-commerce solution.


The division also augmented their activities as a business unit, providing a variety of services directly to clients, which saw an increase of demand for the Company’s data center services. These included server collocation services and the provision of cloud-based solutions.


To secure these systems (both internal and external), the division devised an information security roadmap, to mitigate the risk posed by the latest malware and ransomware attacks the region was exposed to recently. This roadmap utilizes technologies and software like next-generation firewalls, smart intrusion prevention systems, advanced threat protection, and security incident and event management. This is in addition to the division’s support of business continuity, with the creation of a redundant connection to the data center by using iWAN technology, establishing a virtual link without incurring any annual recurring costs, and ensures continued service in the case of disconnection from the main line.


Moving forward, Corporate IT intends to continue focusing on the company’s digital transformation by increasing the compatibility levels of our systems to provide end-to-end visibility of all the solutions and services our clients have procured from GWC across all business domains.