Business Process Improvement

The Business Process Improvement division’s implementation of the Lean Six Sigma culture across the Company’s various departments has seen strong returns in efficiency while reducing waste and variations in the processes and procedures.


The division worked closely with the Contract Logistics department to reduce costs across the board. Among the ideas implemented was the reduction of material handling equipment (MHE) costs, reducing breakdowns and improving energy conservation. The division also worked closely with the Forwarding, Records Management and Transport departments, introducing measures to increase productivity and reduce overtime comprehensively. These measures ensure direct savings for the Company while also assuring improved service as well as improved health and safety for the employees.


The division played a crucial part in the crisis management activities during the blockade. To aid the large influx of shipments needed to secure the nation’s food security, the division provided consultation to the various clients to increase warehouse utilization, designed tools to measure daily warehousing capacity, and improved processes to receive and distribute all incoming shipments.


Automation is a key aspect of productivity enhancement for GWC, and the Continuous Improvement division joined forces with the Corporate IT division in installing numerous systems that would facilitate regularized operations within the company. Among these systems was the addition of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which helps provide better service our customers with automated quote generation which also helps in getting a quicker response to quotes sent.


As a business unit, the division also worked on a number of external consultancy projects for clients in the aviation and manufacturing industries, providing them with analyses and recommendations for supply chain consulting, an area that it aims to expand on in the immediate future.