At GWC, the health and safety of employees, contractors and clients are a top priority. This is reflected in GWC’s constant vigilance and attention to detail. Our robust Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environment (QHSSE) systems form the backbone of incident prevention. Effective QHSSE management is vital for the welfare of our employees, customers, and stakeholders as well as improves operational efficiency, reduces risks and enhances GWC’s reputation in the supply chain industry.


GWC values the health and safety of its employees by complying with local and state regulations. This includes detailed procedures, proper training, use of PPE, and safe working environment and multiple ISO certifications.


Compliance with environmental regulations concerning air, water, and land pollution is an integral measure that minimizes the environmental impact. Use of eco-friendly equipment, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and monitoring of emissions regulations are all effective measures taken to ensure the safety and welfare of our stakeholders, alongside improvements of operational processes.


Another instance of GWC prioritizing effective QHSSE measures is through compliance with customs and trade regulations to ensure smooth movement of goods across borders. This includes permits and certifications, complying with import and export regulations, and avoiding trade sanctions.


In terms of security, GWC complies with GDPR to protect customer data and ensure that data is collected, processed, and stored in accordance with applicable laws. Cybersecurity measures are also implemented to protect against data breaches and other security risks.


Ethical considerations are also considered to ensure effective QHSSE management. Compliance with fair labour practices, minimum wage laws, and anti-discrimination laws are employed to ensure GWC employees are treated fairly and equitably. These ethical considerations expand into anti-bribery, corruption and fraud prevention. Monitoring policies and awareness are implemented to ensure bribery and a corruption-free culture is embedded in GWC.