Delivering the logistics mandate for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022tm

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Qatar’s #1 Choice in Logistics

With an unparalleled local footprint GWC is the preferred local logistics provider able to offer a full suite of end to end logistics solutions and critically, to return shipments back to home port or any other destinations.

Powered by a world-class standard in logistics, GWC has expanded beyond its origins as a warehousing company to offer a comprehensive array of services to every industry vertical in Qatar.

With 19 logistics centers spread across strategic locations in the country, partnership with GWC means being closer to where you need to be. Getting into the game has never been easier. With a complete spectrum of services and exclusive access to all venues, stadiums, fan festivals, fan zones, IBCs, our logistics centers are minutes away ensuring seamless deliveries.

Our end-to-end services, lean operating model, and wide network of partnerships manifests our position as Qatar’s #1 choice in logistics and your preferred partner for the Event.

Globally Integrated Services

As a fully integrated logistics provider, GWC can serve all your global forwarding and logistics requirements. Our team of professionals will seamlessly handle all aspects of your requirements directly, whether to facilitate movement of cargo globally, custom clearance at origin or destination, in-country requirements like transport, storage, venue services or deliveries to the venues.

By having a dedicated team of professionals at each venue, GWC specializes in venue management and has consistently been the one stop provider of logistical solutions for many sporting events.

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مركز التميّز ‫‫اللوجستي
إن خبراء GWC مستعدون لمساعدتك في إنجاح مهمتك الخاصة بكأس العالم FIFA قطر 2022™. فمن خلال الخبرات والمعرفة المكتسبة من خلال الفعاليات والمشروعات السابقة؛ طورت GWC خبراتها اللوجستية الخاصة بجميع الفعاليات الكبرى والقطاعات الأساسية في قطر. وتعتمد استراتيجيتنا التنفيذية على مبدأ "برج المراقبة" لتنظيم جميع أنشطة الفعاليات اللوجستية بدعم من أصول الشركة القوية و‫التكنولوجيا الرائدة لتوفير التنسيق والدعم اللازمين لجميع الأطراف المعنية. ‬‬‬‬

تفضلوا بمشاركتنا في جميع تحدياتكم اللوجستية.‬‬
نيشان أبراهام فيليب
رئيس أول | الخدمات اللوجستية الدولية لكأس العالم FIFA قطر 2022™
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